The ultimate Christmas gift guide for entrepreneurs

The dream desk

The ultimate gift for any entrepreneur. Part desk, part iPad, the Samsung SUR40 is a table tablet that would make even Sir Richard Branson squeal like a pig in a muddy blanket, should he unwrap one on Christmas morning. The 40inch Gorilla Glass HD touch screen is 10 times tougher than normal glass, so you can use it as a table . . .If you're boring.  Alternatively, you can use it as a traditional PC but controlled with your hands, just like a high-tech gadget from the Minority Report. You can spin presentations around and zoom by drawing you hands together. Pure awesome.


The idea catcher

Entrepreneurs are ideas people. In fact for every idea that became a full time business, there was probably around 50 that were eventually chucked after spending some time on a post-it note or being discussed with friends over a coffee. So, rather than have to get up and walk to the bin why not just throw your ideas over your head and have the bin catch it for you?

A Japanese inventor known as Minokur has developed just this concept, with help from Xbox Kinect. Mind boggling footage below.

Philips Hue Connected Lightbulb Pack

Entrepreneurs are prone to the odd 'light bulb' moment. So what better than to be able to control your actual lights from your smartphone? This way, when you do have that eureka moment, you can grab your phone and turn the lights up to the max while making a BING noise. Another cool fact is that they boast an awesome 16 million different colours, all from your handset.

£179 for a starter pack or £49 for a single bulb, Apple

The Shirt Shuttle

There's nothing worse than turning up to an important pitch, it's literally make or break for your business, and your shirt is creased as it got crumpled in the suitcase, despite the fact you packed it expertly. Well, with Shirt Shuttle that's a thing of the past, you simply wrap your shirt around the folding board and it supports your shirt without applying too much pressure to any one spot. It also comes with a high-strength case that protects the shirt on its journey form your wardorbe through the suitcase and out the other side.

£34.99 - Firebox

The NotPad

Forget iPads, forget big-screen projectors and forget the dream desk we motioned earlier. The best way to sketch out an idea is the old school way, pen and paper. This is a notepad; designed to look like the iPad, but without the constrains of technology and lot's of room for creativity.

£10.99 - Firebox

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