Protect your social media reputation and avoid #McFail

The aim of #McDStories was to get people talking about their great memories of the fast good giant but it was soon hijacked by animal rights activists and other dissatisfied customers who insulted the restaurant's morals, standards and service.

"My father used to take us to McDonalds as a reward when we were kids. Now he's horribly obese and has diabetes. Lesson learned #McDStories," is just one example of the messages being tweeted.

The promotion was pulled but the hashtag kept growing with negative responses. On top of this, #McFail also started trending in regions all around the world.

With this, and other examples of how social media can damage a business' name, fresh in mind, the research and consultancy firm, Social Media Influence (SMI), has put together a free guide to help your business monitor its reputation.

SMI Editor, Bernhard Warner says these social media catastrophes occur because marketers fail to grasp that the public has the final say with social media. "Marketers should understand that not everyone loves their brand and they should be prepared for a worst case scenario. Social media has killed off the idea of the safe, carefully scripted marketing message," he says.

The Social Media Crises Plan can be downloaded here.

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