What Harry M did next

Let's be honest. It can't be easy having chauffeurs drive you around London while you make business calls and hang out in swanky boardrooms with Sir Alan Sugar one minute, then finding yourself back in college learning geography the next. But that's the life of Harry Maxwell, the straight talking 18-year-old who lit up our screens in the latest series of the Young Apprentice.

"I'm still in touch with Lord Sugar," smiles Maxwell. "When the show finished he gave us all his business card, which I think was a genuine move to keep in touch."

Whether it's to be friends or not, it's a wise move from Sir Alan or Lord S as we imagine Maxwell calls him, especially when it comes to keeping in touch with this ex-candidate. At 18, he already has his own business, a guide to luxury hotels, which is attracting 10,000 unique visitors a month and he has tons of plans for future businesses.

"I'm one of those idea guys," says Maxwell with confidence. "I just fire off loads of ideas to Lord Sugar on email and he replies saying, 'this one's good or this one's bad'." But Maxwell admits he is still too scared to phone him. "I think I'll just stick to emails for now," he says.

This routine of taking notes in lessons by day and chatting to Lord Sugar while launching businesses in his free time is something that the private school pupil will continue to do once his A levels are finished as he is heading to university.

"Everyone says you either go to university or you set up a business, but I think university is actually the perfect time to start a business and there's no harm in doing both. When you think of the contact hours at university, you still have loads of time to work on your start-up," he says. "Plus if my businesses don't work, then I'll always have my degree to fall back on."

But what about being an apprentice again and trying to get internships in businesses? "I opted for university because I want to focus on my business rather than work on someone else's," says Maxwell.

We can't help wondering what motivated Maxwell to join the Young Apprentice, if he's never had any intention of actually becoming an apprentice.

"I went on the show as I've always been a huge fan," he says. "I was always talking to the crew asking them about ex-contestants and they said I was one of the biggest fans they've ever met."

Aside from living out the ultimate fan experience, the show's had some other perks too. "It's been a boost, not only for my business, which has seen a huge increase in high value traffic but also for me personally. People take me more seriously and would rather pick up the phone when they hear it's Harry M from the Apprentice ringing, not just Harry Maxwell," he says. "I'm also still in touch with all the other contestants and we see what each other's up to."

They're all friends? Surely all the backstabbing in the boardroom means Maxwell still harbours a desire to be more successful than his fellow contestants?

"It would be nice to be the best" he admits with a wry smile. "But it's not about beating the others, hopefully we can help each other and all create our own successes."

And with that, Maxwell ends the conversation and dashes off. After all, between studying for four A-levels, applying to top universities, bouncing ideas off one of the UK's most respected entrepreneurs and running his own business at the same time, he doesn't have time for too much chat.

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