Apprentice review: Nick Holzherr is my hero of the week

Within five minutes of episode one starting I was cringing for the candidates as the egotistical one-liners kept flowing: Gabrielle has promised to "roar her way to the top" and Ricky is a Shark. If Tom is running a £3.5m business, why on earth does he need to go on The Apprentice? Can anyone else smell the horse manure in the air?

Lord Sugar set the first challenge providing the teams with blank items, which they had to add value to by designing prints onto them. I run this task in schools with enterprise students, it's a simple exercise and not rocket science.

As we saw candidates divided into girls versus boys the fireworks soon start flying in typical Apprentice style. Working under pressure with people you don't know, pumped full of adrenalin, and followed by a camera crew makes the most sensible behave in bizarre ways.

There are some very strong personalities in the girl camp. Nick describing them as a baying bunch of hyenas is spot on. Their moaning, high pitched talking on top of each other made my ears hurt and people were literally running away from them - costing the team much needed sales.

Nick was the only chap to step up and volunteer to be project manager for the boys' team. It does make me laugh how every year the majority of candidates promise to be the best thing since sliced bread, but when it comes to actually doing - as opposed to talking - they run a mile. Nick is my hero of the week for having the balls to lead and the skill to win. Everyone said that he was a good leader. The guy desperately needs a hair cut so maybe a hairdressing task one week would do him good.

The girls lost (£214 profit to the boys £616) and project manager Gabrielle (the lion who roars) brought in Katie 'the blonde assassin' and Bilyana. After a pretty ferocious spat Bilyana was given the heave ho by Lord Sugar and he was completely right to give her the shove. She never shut up, didn't gel well with the team and was disrespectful when being fired. "Oh that's a shame," she said in response to the big, fat finger. Life sometimes doesn't go the way you want it to, but you should at least have the maturity and good grace to walk away with a smile on your face. It is not a good idea to burn your bridges.

I think Katie had a lucky escape - she was as much of an assassin, as I am size eight ballet dancer, and she needs to up her game. Personally, I think she'll drown in this experience and her days are numbered.

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