As Royal Mail announces huge stamp price increases is it time to move on?

From 30 April the price of a first-class stamp will increase by 30% to 60p and second-class stamps will go up by 39% to 50p, constituting the biggest price rise for 37 years. Those businesses that use franking machines will see an increase in first-class from 39p to 44p and second class from 28p to 31p.

These were only two of a number of price changes announced yesterday. Royal Mail says it doesn't have any choice. "Royal Mail has lost £1bn over the last four years; the sustainability of the service is now at risk. Price increases are needed to return the Universal Service to sustainability," says chief executive Moya Greene.

So if you're a small business you'll either be planning your next raid on the nearest post office for supplies of stamps or you'll be scoping out your alternatives to get your post out. Surely it's time to consider your options and upgrade your business.

Think about it: if you post two letters every working day at 60p a pop, that's £24 per month - money that could be so much better spent. At Smarta we have put together Smarta Business Builder, the complete online tools package to grow your business.

Including e-invoicing facility you need never fork out for another stamp to ensure you get paid on time. The basic package also features website, business planning, accounts, legal documents and email and it costs just - you guessed it - £24 per month.

For more information and to sign up for Smarta Business Builder click here.

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