Budget 2012: Osborne must support micro-businesses

Micro-business, SME or even 'smee' are unflattering terms to describe what basically makes up the UK economy. It defines companies with fewer than 10 employees or with a turnover of less than £1.8m. That's 95.4% of all UK businesses. It's also the typical profile of a Make It Cheaper customer, so it's a demographic that we know well, are passionate about and have been campaigning for since 2007.

Looking ahead to the budget, we're hoping that the penny may have dropped at the Treasury to revive, enable, protect and grow this army of unsung heroes. Listen out for 'micro-businesses' tomorrow as it could well be in the context of:

  • Tax simplification - higher VAT thresholds & easier y/e accounts for lower turnovers.
  • Corporation tax - the lowest rates (15% would do) for the lowest turnovers please.
  • Employer's NICs holidays - deductions for the first 10 employees is a shot in the arm.
  • Business rate relief - come on let's make that permanent too.
  • Small business administration - a body to represent 95% of businesses in Whitehall.

Remember Mr Osborne - please use this budget to demonstrate to us just how passionate you are about helping small businesses succeed.

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