Goodbye to the tie?

The poll, carried out by deals site, found that 77% of workers believe that the tie is no longer a required part of work wear. Almost three quarters believed it will be consigned to the back of the wardrobe within the next 50 years.

"The success of businesses such as Google and Facebook where even the CEO turns up wearing jeans and a hoodie seems to have had a corrosive effect on the idea of dressing formally for work," says DealJungle founder Tom Michaels. "We know that they still put on a suit for client meetings but a tie is no longer seen as part of the formal look as many instead go for a suit and a shirt with open collar."

Once a vital part of the executive's wardrobe the tie is now considered to be linked to a stuffy corporate career by young people and the gradual adavnce of 'casual Friday' is thought to have further eroded the importance of the tie and a formal dress code.

What do you think? Is the tie still an important part of the office wardrobe? Or will the tie disappear completely?

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