Shaa Wasmund on International Women's Day



I've always believed that if you want something done, find great people to help you do it. Why work alone when you can make extraordinary partners in people as like minded, hard working and dedicated as yourself.  Surely this is the way for real business success?

On International Women's Day I want us all to take the opportunity to make new friends, connect with other women (and men) to find ways to support and work together.  I truly believe by working in collaboration, we can achieve more, explore new avenues and conquer new ground. We should respect the hard work women put in everyday, many juggling a multitude of tasks including motherhood, wife and partner, business owner and friend. I certainly fit in to at least three of those categories.

James Brown said this is a man's world but cleverly added on "that it would be nothing without a woman or a girl."  In many industries, women are the back bone and play a key part to the success of that business; from textiles to media, social care and nursing. However, there are still many industries, where women are not being truly represented and we need to change that. How do we do it? There are many suggestions; including quotas, targets and positive discrimination. The challenge, with most things is not the idea, but how those ideas are executed. I don't want to see women on boards simply to tick a box, I want to see the brilliant women we have being recognised and being put onto boards for the tremendous input and impact they can have.

On this special day let's embrace and recognise the incredible work achieved by so many great women from The Suffragette Movement and Amelia Earhart to modern day pioneers such as Kathryn Bigelow (Filmmaker) and Dame Mary Perkins (co-founder of Specsavers).

As an entrepreneur, I want to encourage more wome to recognise their talents and to channel those into starting up their own business. Its not for everyone, but if we look to the US, far more women start business there then they do in the UK. Let's change that. Let's change a lot of things, but let's do it together.

So, for International Women's Day make a new friend, whether it's to offer each other moral support, someone to exchange skills with or help with a new business venture.  You never know where it might take you...

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