The Apprentice is back as Lord Sugar hunts for a new business partner

Except, despite the name and the condescending way in which he barks orders at them, Lord Sugar is actually looking for a business partner. This time the contestant that makes it through the bitching, backstabbing and ass licking will be awarded with £250,000 investment from the Amstrad founder.

The wannabes lining up this year are as sharp and ridiculous as ever. There's the recruitment manager/wrestler, (yes you read that right.) Plus a research director who seriously described herself as the "blonde assassin, who'll blow the others out of the water", and the director of a wine investment firm, who merely says, "I'm confident, charismatic and some people say I'm quite good-looking." The finest business minds the UK has to offer?

Simply from looking at their pictures and the small quotes that came with them, our money's on Nick Holzherr, a 25-year-old technology entrepreneur from Birmingham.  Tech's where Lord Sugar made his name and we think a technology entrepreneur will be his safe bet. Tech's also the hot thing in business right now, especially in London, where Tech City or Silicon Roundabout has sprung up and we think there'll be at least one episode focused around the UK's purpose built rival to Silicon Valley in the US.

We'll definitely be tuning in regardless of how good the contestants are or how big Lord Sugars head grows during the series and we know you will too. It's possibly the most intense pitching you'll ever see and as a small business owner or an entrepreneur the ability to sit comfortably in an armchair and think you could have done it better is all too appealing.

So excited are we, that we've even drafted in ex-candidate, Claire Young to give us a full review of all the shenanigans that happen in the first episode tonight. So check back tomorrow to top up on your Apprentice fix.

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