Apprentice review: Gabrielle Omar is my hero of the week

The candidates were lucky enough to start last night's episode with a morning off playing table tennis.  We never had any free time and worked back to back. I wonder if Lord Sugar is starting to soften in his ageing years?

Anyway, after a short while The Apprentice hotline rang to summon the candidates and rest assured the mass grooming commenced. Azhar strutted his model looks and impressive pecs around like a giant peacock and Laura, 'I'm so beautiful' had an epic battle with the hair strengtheners.

This week's challenge was to select stock and run a second-hand shop on Brick Lane with a £1,000 starting budget. Tom, (Will Young lookalike), leads Phoenix and Laura headed up the other team.

Laura has been nicknamed the 'Samantha Brick of The Apprentice' after moaning how life is tough being so attractive whilst successful. Oh please, go find yourself some modesty. She has compared herself to mega successful entrepreneur Michelle Mone and even had the cheek to try and steal my nickname, The Rottweiler. Hands off!

Tom's team worked on a lean budget with the PM being strict on cost control. The result was low stock levels and a minimalist looking shop. On the other end of the scale Laura's team bought over 200 pieces of stock and attempted to convert some of their rubbish into 'shabby chic'. There is plenty of profit to be made in pre-owned goods, however, a thin line between retro/vintage/junk/second-hand and just pure rubbish!

Scores on the doors and Tom lead his team to victory with £1,063 profit to Laura's £783. It all came down to cost control and the losing team blew their budget.

Jane, Laura and Gabrielle or 'the screeching geese', as I call them, (sorry the ladies), entered the boardroom. Gabrielle fought her corner to stay and did a good job. I like her, calm and assertive. Laura is ruffled and not as articulate as I thought she would be. Yet her passion lets her stay another week. Jane gets the big finger from Lord Sugar for her aggressive sales technique that literally sent customers running for the hills.



Gabrielle for speaking up, remaining calm and defending herself in the boardroom battle


Laura as PM had no idea of her cost control, boom, you go bust!

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