Apprentice Review: Michael Copp is my villain of the week

Last night's episode kicked off with the contestants waking early to be told this week's task was to create a new condiment.

This is a tough market to break into, but not impossible. Levi Roots from Dragon's Den proved this with his successful Reggae Reggae sauce. After this episode, I doubt Levi's at home quaking in his boots, worried about these candidates poaching his business.

The teams were mixed up, with Duane leading the girls and Katie heading up the boys. I immediately thought the boys were disadvantaged as Katie has been weak so far. She looks lost and drowning in the overall experience. Duane's team developed a pineapple chilli-chutney, whilst Katie's posse created a Mediterranean ketchup. The teams were forced to work under pressure and this is where the mistakes happen. The ketchup had potential to be a great product. I dread to think how many millions of bottles Heinz shift each week. The product is named 'Bellissimo' which loosely translates to 'extremely beautiful' in Italian. Based on the tacky design it's safe to say the trade description act could go after them for misrepresentation. They also managed to misspell their brand name, a lesson to everyone - always use spell-check!

Most impressive thing of the night was we saw a first in Apprentice history. Duane's team failed to create a product sample in time for the retail pitch so they arrived empty handed. Terrible! Even the best sales person in history would've struggled to talk their way out of this cock up.

However, we eventually saw Duane lead his crew to victory while Nick Hewer labelled Katie's fancy ketchup a 'dangerous poisonous concoction'. Classic. She took Michael and Ricky into the boardroom. Excited, I thought we were about to witness a double firing, but unfortunately Lord Sugar held back his gun fingers this week and just fired Michael. That guy has about as much get up and go as a wet fish.

So Katie is spared this week, but to ensure she stay's in she needs to speak up, and show us why she was selected as a candidate in the first place. I was glad Ricky stayed he makes great TV.

Ricky for spotting Bellissimo was too thick and saved the day by adding more water. Simples

Michael for only managing to flog 53 bottles of product to the retailers. Embarrassing!

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