Apprentice review: Tom Gearing is my hero of the week

The teams were set a tough challenge this week. Flown to Scotland's gourmet capital Edinburgh, they were asked to set up a top notch street food business, a sector which is all the rage at the moment. The question was, "are they street smart enough to succeed?"

I love The Apprentice and I am enjoying the series, however, this episode lacked action and for me sadly, was flat as a pancake.

Market trader Adam was project managing against Jade. The emphasis of the task was on quality - not mass producing cheap food, but restaurant like dishes served in the street.

Adam's team didn't seem to grasp this and they went for cheap meatballs, costing 45p to make and flogging them for £5.99! At one point Katie suggested selling them for £7.99! Crazy. I will blame that on lack of sleep as opposed to being commercially useless.

Their branding, name and selling locations were all poor. Adam is a nice guy, and I was willing him to win against Jenna's gourmet Scot Pot, but sadly that wasn't to happen. A difference of £21 meant that he was back in the boardroom to face the wrath of Lord Sugar.

Adam chose to brought in Azhar for his quiet contribution and Katie "the blonde assassin" who has been there twice before. The long days and relentless tasks really seem to be kicking in now and the candidates look shattered. Katie had lost her va-va-voom; I do think she would have stayed against Adam if she'd spoken up more, but she didn't and the taxi had her name on it.

Do I think Adam is the winner? No. Do I think he's a good guy? Yes. But The Apprentice is a tough process with ruthless pressure and I wonder how long a good guy will last.


Steven, the snake. He is very manipulative and has the chat to twist everything to his advantage. I don't trust him.


Tom Gearing consistently speaks up with common sense in a non-threatening manner. He is one of my favourites.


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