Five reasons why video marketing is totally worth it

It's a bold statement but video should be integral to any online marketing campaign. Not just because it offers more than a simple Facebook status or mundane Tweet that gets lost in a constantly updating timeline, but also because there have been so many unforgettable examples.

Just look at the Dollar Shave Club video, they used humour to promote its cheap razors and, as I type, their production has had 4,122,266 views on Youtube.

So here are my top five tips to why video marketing is 100% worth the time and effort:

Quick and effective

Whether it's their food or their news, people like things fast. Encourage customers to engage with your brand by saving them the time of reading a three-page article. Instead, condense the information into a video that requires them to do nothing but sit and watch.

New customers and SEO

Videos rank on Google search. This means if your website includes video it will have more exposure when someone searches for your business. There are also less businesses that have video, so it's less competitive and easier for your business to stand out in search. All of this makes it easier for new customers to find you.

Developing customer confidence


Video shows the personal side to your business as it allows the customer to see your company through a different medium.

A potential customer may trust your company more if they learn about your business through a good looking video as it can help you look more professional.



Obviously, the whole point behind marketing is to increase profit. Video demonstrations of your product and interviews with your users can prove to customers that your business is worth their money. If your video is popular and goes viral it can increase awareness of your brand and result in more profit.

Blend Tec have one of the most successful viral video campaigns to date. Even though they are an American-based blender company, thousands of people on this side of the Atlantic knows who they are due to the success of their infamous 'Will it Blend?' series.

By taking a 'how not to use your product' spin on video demonstration and testing the limits of their product, Blend Tec have now gone on to make television appearances, sell 'Will it Blend?' spoof merchandise and in 2007 they were nominated for YouTube's 'Best Series Award'; the iPad episode alone has attracted more than 13million views.

It's easy

The idea that video marketing is expensive is a myth. It's so much cheaper and easier than people think. Practically every new computer comes with a basic form of video editing software, such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, and you don't necessarily need a top quality camera either. More sophisticated smartphones such as the Nokia N8 now have High Resolution cameras of up to 12MegaPixels which is gradually catching up to some of the more basic Digital SLRS and sites such as YouTube don't charge to set up a basic channel and share your videos.


The production of a great video can take a while, so if you can't dedicate yourself to it properly, then look to outsource. It's better to have a great video than a poor one that you rushed as it was taking too long.

Make sure you have a good idea too. There's no point producing a video just for the sake of it. After all, when it goes wrong, it can go horribly wrong. Companies such as Sony with its 'All I want for Christmas is a PSP' and Ragu with its stateside campaign of 'Mom's the word on dinners' realised this the hard way when both campaigns received so many negative responses that their campaigns had to be withdrawn.

So if this hasn't scared you away, some good ideas to start off with would be:

  • Sharing other videos as a playlist on YouTube to give you some inspiration and also to start the flow of traffic to your channel
  • Introduction to your company
  • Interviews with employees, sponsors, customers etc
  • 'behind the scenes' of your company
  • How to/how not to use your product demonstrations

Good luck and happy shooting.

You can follow Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell on Twitter at @SmashleighJayne



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