Introducing the weekly blog from small business cost saving expert Jonathan Elliott

As a small business owner I'm all too aware of the rising costs that UK businesses face every year. I started Make It Cheaper when I realised how many business owners were proactively looking for help to reduce their costs, but simply had nowhere to go for expert and impartial advice.

Our free service is now used by over 50,000 small businesses a year to help them get on - and stay on - the best deals available for their energy, telecoms, insurance and chip & pin.

For that same reason, I'm looking forward to taking a weekly guest spot on the Smarta blog. To get where I am today, I've founded a range of small businesses, sunk a few and found success with others. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experiences and advice with other entrepreneurs as well as learn from other peoples' experiences too.

Over the coming weeks, I'll be talking about the challenges small business owners face in trying to run and grow a business. And as one of those challenges will always be keeping costs as low as possible, I'll be giving plenty of practical advice on how to keep your overheads right down.

I firmly believe that the success of our economy rests on the shoulders of small businesses in the UK and, as a small business owner; these topics sit close to my heart.

For small businesses in this country to succeed, they simply have to earn more money than they spend. So, I don't care where you go to do it, but please make sure you're not overpaying for any of your business contracts. It's one of the fastest, most effective ways to run a cost-efficient business.

I hope you'll look out for my blog posts over the next weeks and make sure you share your own experiences, ideas and questions.

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