Apprentice review: Jade Nash is this week's hero

With five candidates and one task remaining before the final episode, which will see one candidate securing a £250k business investment from Lord Sugar, the pressure was on.

This week's task was to develop an affordable luxury brand. Even though we're in a recession consumers still want to treat themselves. For me, this was the best challenge of the series so far and the teams picked two things that I personally love - chocolate and beauty products.

Ricky and Tom worked together like a super power team, developing a men's beauty range called Modern Gentleman. They are their target audience so they knew it inside out and did a brilliant job.

Adam led Nick and Jade, producing a chocolate brand called Sweet Thing. Despite great looking chocolates there isn't any clear strategy, the pricing was all over the place and overall I felt there was too much scoffing of sweets when they should be focusing on business.

Products developed, both teams had to pitch to Lord Sugar and industry experts. Don't under estimate how nerve-racking this is. It really is terrifying. A time to smile and put your game face on.

The beauty duo won the challenge and was saved from the taxi ride home. Adam, Jade and Nick went onto have the best boardroom of the series so far - lots of oomph and fire in their bellies. Sadly we see nice chap market trader Adam sent home. Somehow I don't think it's the last we'll be seeing of him. Don't underestimate the nice guy of the series.


Jade for being the brains behind Sweet Thing and drunken jellies. Without her they wouldn't have had a brand.


I was disappointed in Nick for not contributing more, especially when he knows this end of the market. He was lucky not to get fired.

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