Are businesses taking advantage of the diamond jubilee? Yes ma'am

Nails inc - The nail salon chain has released a special nail polish, which paints your nails the red, white and blue of the Union Jack flag. The limited edition varnish comes in a crystal encrusted bottle to make it extra special. Nails inc is celebrating the British heritage, or just using the occasion to flog nail varnish it would have had anyway.

Marmite - No stranger to special editions, Marmite, has released a commemorative jar for the royal milestone. The iconic brand has even dropped the name from its packaging, calling it Ma'amite, in a nod to the Queen.

Stokes Sauces - The Suffolk company has decided to give its Real Coronation Sauce away for free in a competition for those having a street party. It's a bold move by the company's founder Rick Sheepshanks, but he feels it's a wise one. "It's really important for businesses generally to be giving something back," he says. "Not to be silly, naive or sanctimonious about it, but we support different events and charities for this reason. On the cynical side, of course, to be seen giving back is not bad for any company's PR."

Wold Top Brewery - The award-winning Yorkshire based microbrewery is selling a special Diamond Jubilee Ale. Available all across East Yorkshire, it is expected to sell well. It has a slight difference to their usual beers, but nothing drastic. However, by giving it the name Diamond Jubilee Ale, you can expect people to buy it.

Transport for London - TFL is a British institution and is using that tag to sell diamond jubilee tea towels. The towel is designed to look like a train ticket, but with regal purple strips instead of the standard orange. It's a good example of a company that has nothing to do with the jubilee or towels using the occasion to sell more products.

Bentley - The iconic carmaker has launched a tailored edition of its Mulsanne luxury sedan to celebrate the jubilee. Only 60 limited editions are to be made and sold in China. Proof that the demand for jubilee products spreads worldwide.  

Konditor & Cook - The innovative bakery, based in London, is going to bake 3120 cakes, one for every week of the Queen's reign, and put them together to make a huge fruit cake portrait of the Queen. The cake, measuring 94ft sq, will be displayed in Battersea Park and will be sold off at £1 a piece with all proceeds going to charity.

None of these ideas require a huge effort for companies. The businesses are not doing anything out of the ordinary. Essentially they are gimmicks that people will buy into. They may raise money for charity or they may raise profit for the business.

By focusing products on the diamond jubilee, even if it means giving products away for free, you can guarantee people will be talking about the product, and it will raise their profile. So it's worth taking a look at what you do and see if you can slap a diamond jubilee tag or special offer on your products.








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