Branson bets on water with Virgin Pure

The Virgin entrepreneur has always said that he moves into sectors where he thinks he can do better than other players. This time he targets water as he moves into the kitchen and lifestyle space for the first time.

At the launch of the Virgin Pure water purification system Branson said he wanted to continue to improve people's lives with his products. "Virgin Pure's T7 encourages people to drink more water in an efficient way. Pure, chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button means no more lugging bottles home, waiting for filter jugs to trickle through or kettles to boil for a cup of tea," he explained.

A surprising 20% of UK households currently primarily drink bottled water at home and another 20% use filter jugs, giving the partnership a market of 10 million households. The sleek household units completely eliminate the need for bottles and jugs.

The Virgin Pure T6 and T7 units are plumbed directly into the water mains and can dispense purified chilled or boiled water.

Ofra Strauss, chairperson of the Strauss Group said the partnership, was a natural move for the business. "Our knowledge, expertise and technology partner well with Virgin's excellent understanding and response to consumers' needs," she said.

For more information about Virgin Pure click here.

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