Carry on tweeting

"Just setting up my Twttr". So went the first tweet ever posted on the now ubiquitous social network when founder Jack Dorsey launched it six years ago.

People in Britain have taken to Twitter in a big way - yesterday we passed the milestone of 10 million active users. Whether it's to make connections, keep in touch, promote your business, engage with customers just to follow celebrities and keep up to date with what goes on in the world we can't stay off it.

Worldwide there are 140 million users on Twitter and Britain, with one in six of us signed up, is only behind large countries like the US, Brazil and Japan. Compared to other nations we are more likely to tweet on the go with 80% of us accessing the site on our mobiles.

If you are reading this it is a safe bet that you are a fan and a follower of the 140 character site. Start-ups today can't afford to not have a social media presence, it's as simple as that.

In fact, the first ever British user was an entrepreneur eager to learn more about other start-ups. Jonathan Markwell set up his Twitter account in July 2006, relatively unconvinced that it would take off and he didn't use the account until seven months in.

However, yester day he revealed to the media that having set up his own business, a Brighton based community enterprise, he could attribute £50,000 of consulting revenue to connections made on Twitter and the social site has played a part in establishing most of the business relationships he has today.

So when for the 20 million users? Already 140 businesses in Britain have paid to promote their products on Twitter. There is no sign of us stopping the tweets. And why should we - it's good to talk, isn't it?

Tell us what you think - how has Twitter changed the way you do business? Is it necessary for your start-up to stay connected?

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