Guest blog: StartUp Loans could propel your business to success

I received £2,000 in the Enterprise Allowance scheme in 1992 and it was crucial to get my business off the ground. I needed a high end computer and fax machine to be able to work as a translator, and I simply couldn't have afforded them without the scheme.

As well as money I received useful training sessions and mentoring. One of the training courses was instrumental, as I was able to network with the owner of a local translation company who needed a Spanish translator. I started out working with them and ended up managing the business before eventually buying it. 

It would've been extremely difficult to launch without the money. Not only did I get the financial support I needed for the technology to initially launch the firm, but I was also offered support in areas I was unfamiliar with such as bookkeeping, which gave me confidence and additional skills.

The amount available in the StartUp Loans scheme is similar to what I received, although £2,000 in 1992 was worth more than the £2,500 of the current scheme. Then the country was coming out of recession, I had been unemployed, and I was registered disabled, which made me eligible for the scheme. The current scheme is age limited to 18 - 24 year olds, so this time around I wouldn't have met the selection criteria.

I would advise those who apply to get as much guidance and support as possible. Money alone doesn't make a business successful and the mentoring and advice was more important in my experience. Think of the loan as seed funding and assess how you can get a return on the investment. Spend the money on something core to your business becoming successful - like an impressive website or digital strategy rather than something frivolous. It may be nice to have but probably adds very little value.

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