Vote! Who's the most inspirational entrepreneur of the last 60 years?

When Queen Elizabeth II walked wide-eyed into Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953 to be crowned Queen of Britain, the only Apple that people cared about grew in orchards, the web was something spiders spun and tweeting was a pastime of birds in the sky. How times have changed.

Now we have super brands that have risen from nowhere and fantastic entrepreneurs pioneering all sorts of business ideas that would have been a thing of science fiction when the Queen first donned her crown.

So, will Sir Richard Branson's adventures with Virgin be enough to earn him the title of Britain's most influential entrepreneur? Maybe the likes of ASOS founder Nick Robertson impact on your life more each day? Or does Tim Smit, the man behind the Eden Project, deserve the accolade more for his efforts in social enterprise?

To cast your vote for the most inspirational entrepreneur of the last 60 years, click here.

Once you've voted, tweet and share with everyone you know to give your chosen entrepreneur the best chance of winning.

The winner will be announced  on Friday 1 June, voting finshes at 11am on the same day.

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