Broadband: the need for speed

A few weeks ago I was singing the praises of cloud computing as a way to bring down office overheads, with the caveat that it relied on having the right internet connection.

According to the Forum of Private Business, having access to decent communications is one of its members' top concerns. The anxiety is not just about gaining a competitive advantage via cloud computing, it's up there because of the need for business-grade broadband to be able to do fairly mundane things too - like processing card transactions quicker, allow customer Wi-Fi access, running CCTV cameras, as well as using it as you'd expect for browsing and emailing.

So what do you need to do to get on the right package if it's something you've been neglecting? Well, one in five businesses is in a position to switch right now and every business we speak to can switch within 12 months. Those that do switch typically reduce their phone and broadband bills by 20% to 30%. As well as BT and Talk Talk Business, the business telecoms market has a wide range of SME-specialist suppliers to choose from like Daisy, Chess & Titan who are all doing well because they provide competitive rates for the same sort of level of service.

For anyone interested, we currently have an exclusive offer that gives you unlimited broadband for free for a year as long as you take a two-year contract (costing £10 a month in the second year). The money aside, you'll be pleased to hear that problems like downtime during the switch are no longer an issue. With improvements in technology, the transfer process is now seamless with very little chance of disruption to service at any time.

To top it all off, thanks to an Ofcom ruling earlier this year, your telecoms contracts don't get automatically rolled into new contracts, unlike in the business energy market. For many firms though - particularly those with big data uploads - it' simply speed, speed, speed above any other factor. We have a postcode speed checker on our website but, if you want to trump the standard business grade, there are even better options available... 'Fiber to the Cabinet' (FTTC), 'Ethernet in the First Mile' (EFM) and leased lines will give your business the athleticism it needs to be a leader.

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