Guest blog: how to get more from your Facebook ads

1: Start with your landing page

When it comes Facebook marketplace ads you can direct the traffic to two different points - internally on Facebook to your company's Facebook fan page or externally to your own website. Why would this be important to think about when it comes to your ad? Well, depending on what you put in the ad, it can have an impact on both click-through and overall conversion.

The first tip is to start with whatever landing page you choose. If it's your external website, try to clean up the landing page and take away elements on the page that will affect conversion. You have to keep in mind the psychological aspect - people expect to find exactly the information that is represented in the ad. Say you have an ad with a cute puppy and the text "buy the cutest puppies here" and when people click on the ad they are taken to a page where it's hard to find the exact information about the puppies.

If the topic is cute puppies it might be better to point them directly to the subpage where you can get information on how to get the puppies (/order-dogs/puppies/category_cute). For more information on consumer behavior, check out Haugtved, Machleit & Yalch's book on the subject.

2: Challenge yourself

One dangerous thing that can cause you to miss out on potential customers would be to only target pre-considered notions on customer profiles. If you can broaden your views and try to expand the demographic group, you might gain both conversions and new returning customers.

The big tip here is to try A/B testing. Facebook offers a unique potential unlike any other online advertising place. Here you can target people with specific interests, from a certain age group, and from specific geographical locations. If your target group is usually men in the US aged 25-35 who like football, why not try to open it up and run ads towards men and women and expand the age span to 25-45 and included other related sports?

Remember to follow up on each of these tests to see if there's a change in the conversion graph and as soon as you've found a couple of ads that work, you can work with small tweaks on those instead. The idea is to start big and then work down to microscope level.

3: Spend the right amount to get the right people

One thing you'll be well advised to get your head around early when it comes to marketing through Facebook is the bidding and auction feature. What makes Facebook advertisement unique is the ability to target specific users and groups. Facebook has recognised the value in this and has created a system where you bid in order to get the type of users you want to show the ad to. Some users are more costly than others, but can have a huge impact when it comes to conversion. This is not a 100% success rate system, but the aim is that you don't have to spend money on showing the ad to people who are not interested in what you have to offer. Here's a more in-depth explanation of the auction system.

4: Only show the ad when people are prepared to convert

A lot of people miss out on this and expect that the conversion and click-through will come instantly. Just because you have selected your target audience and won the bid to show the ad, it doesn't mean that the success will come automatically. The system is built to show your ad until the preset amount is up. If you are running a business that's only open during day time and that's when people would be interested in buying your type of products, that's when you should be showing your ad.

Craig Robinson is a content writer with Qwaya, a Facebook marketing tool. You can follow him on Twitter.

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