Help to avoid the tube crush and maintain business as usual during the Games

To demonstrate that there are other ways of getting around town, former 400m hurdles Olympic gold medallist Sally Gunnell, recently raced Chris Boardman, former cycling world champion and Olympic gold medallist, to find the quickest route through London to the Olympic Park. Gunnell, who ran the race, beat Boardman, who was on bike, by four minutes with a time of 36 minutes.

During the Olympic Games this summer, roads and public transport will be much busier than usual and local businesses will be affected. In an attempt to help, Transport for London has launched Get Ahead of the Games, providing advice for individuals and businesses to help them plan and minimise the impact on employees, deliveries and customers.

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is expected to be travel. To reduce the challenges on staff travel to and from work and business travel during the day, Get Ahead of the Games encourages reducing non-essential trips, re-timing journeys to avoid busy periods and re-routing trips to steer clear of congested areas.

They are also suggesting businesses encourage employees to work from home or perhaps take some annual leave during the Games if possible.

Sending and receiving deliveries will also be affected during the games. To reduce the impact on your business, Get Ahead of the Games suggests planning ahead to reduce the number of packages your business sends and receives during the Games, re-timing deliveries to quieter periods of the day and ensuring suppliers are aware of possible road network changes in your area.

Keep in mind that customers and visitors will be affected by the Games as well. To minimise the impact, make sure they are aware of possible transport challenges and communicate any changes to your regular operation ahead of time.

Get Ahead of the Games provides interactive maps that show how public transportation will be affected each day of the Games and a short film, explaining measures other business are putting in place to prepare.

The website also offers individualised support to help businesses prepare and daily transport updates, tips and advice through email and the @GAOTG Twitter feed.

Already organisers have hosted one Twitter chat where businesses could tune in to ask for advice and help. The transcript of the chat will be available to read on the site and further chats are planned as we get nearer to the event.

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