Launch your own business to beat youth unemployment

Official figures, just released show there are 1.01m unemployed people aged 16 to 24 in the UK. The rate has decreased 0.6 percent from February to April to 21.9%, but it is still extremely high. In comparison, the figure was 14.5% five years ago. Instead of fighting for a job with hundreds of thousands of other young people, Chris Bull started his own company when he was 19 years old.

Bull started Selective Media in 2007 and the business has quickly grown to become the UK's leading location based on-line media specialist. The business monetises Wi-Fi and offers advertising opportunities to a wide range of sites, such as airports, hotels, hospitals, marinas, coffee shops and shopping centres, throughout the UK and Europe.

He had no experience in this field before he launched his business, but he had a solid idea and a strong worth ethic. He struggled in school and he did not like being told that the only way to be successful and get a good job was to go to university.

"I went on a mission to prove that was not right. I came up with the concept when I was 16 while I was at school and I decided to start the company," he says.

Bull does not think his age hindered him at all, and says if anything it helped because people were intrigued, but he did surprise some people.

"I did have a few shocked faces when someone would show up after only speaking on the phone or through email. They'd meet me and end up going 'What?'" he explains.

Today, Bull speaks at school and universities to show students that there are other paths to success that don't require going to university. He believes some people are not cut out for the university world even though they are capable of excelling in the real world, but he stresses that starting your own business is not an easy path.

"I think that you should go into it knowing that it is going to be really, really hard work," he says. "In order to start your own business, you have to have drive and ambition, not just an idea. You have to be able to create the idea and actually deliver on it as well."

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