Life after Smarta 100: Crowdcube

What stage was your business at when you won
the Smarta 100?

Crowdcube was still in its early stages but it was showing very encouraging signs of progress with two deals already completed when we won the Smarta 100 award last year.

Why did you enter the awards?

These awards are a showcase for the brightest, smartest and inspirational businesses in the UK and I felt that Crowdcube had the potential not only to be smart and inspirational, but to transform an age-old business and make a significant difference to other start-up businesses.

What was the experience like?

It was fantastic! It was the first award that Crowdcube ever won, so it was hugely significant on a personal level but also great to be recognised and appreciated by such a distinguished organisation and judging panel.

How has your business benefited from being a part of Smarta 100?

We went on to fund another Smarta 100 winner - Righteous - who successfully raised £75,000 on Crowdcube in March 2012. We are also talking to other Smarta 100 winners about helping them to secure investment.

What has your business achieved since being named a Smarta 100 winner?

Since funding our first business in July 2011 we have raised over £2.8 million for UK businesses.

What is your top tip for any company thinking of entering Smarta 100 this year?

Go for it!  If you're good enough to win then your business will undoubtedly benefit as a result.

For all the information about the Smarta 100 and how to enter, click here.

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