Should you ditch casual clothes and go formal for business?

It may be time for your business to ditch casual Fridays or (casual everyday for some) as it seems customers feel less respected when speaking to someone wearing a scruffy t-shirt and jeans.

The poll from found a mere one in five preferred the casual approach over a suit.

Of those polled, 60% said their business still operated a traditional, formal dress code. Twenty-eight per cent said they were allowed to wear what they wanted all the time, with 12% going formal when attending meetings., believes the resurrection of the smart suit for work is down to too much variety making the suit stand out.

"Never before has there been such diversity in what people are allowed to wear to work and as such workers are dealing with an increasing number of informally dressed people," said a spokesman  from the office locator business.

However the research found that, for most, they actually felt more confidence in the person they were dealing with if the person was dressed formally.

"It's all a matter of first impressions and regardless of a person's ability they will be judged on how they look. We found that smarter dressed employees made a better first impression which may help them establishing long-term business relationships in the future," concluded the spokesman.

So, the next time you have that first meeting with the bank or a potential investor, maybe it's time to drop the scruffy 'tech start-up' look and opt for the business suit instead. What do you think?

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