Shaa's blog: how to supercharge your business relationships

People often ask me what I think makes the most difference between success and failure. Its simple - people. If you want to supercharge your business, you need to surround yourself with spectacular, talented people.

Being a small business owner can be lonely and the pressure can feel immense. You make all the decisions. You're responsible for your success or failure.

Building a safety net of amazing people around you allows you to take more 'risks' and gives you a far greater chance of success. Here are my five top tips to supercharge your business relationships.

1. Relationship audit

List all the people already in your network you respect and the reason you respect them. Ask for their support and advice when you need it. Don't be shy. Equally important, ask how you can help them.

2. Weaknesses audit

List the areas of your business where your skills or knowledge are weakest. Is there anyone in your network who you can outsource to or who can support and help you to improve? If not, do you know someone who is well connected who can recommend someone?

3. Supercharged partnerships

Could you collaborate with a non-competitive company already selling to your target market? List three companies that could be a collaborative partner. Now take ACTION! Contact them, don't just identify them!

4 Supercharged endorsements

In an ideal world, who would be the 'dream' person to endorse your business? Stop dreaming and do something about it. You may not get that exact person, but in the process of seeking endorsements from existing customers, you will learn a lot and you might just find a new partnership.

5. Don't forget to …

Listen. Help. 

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