Five ways to super charge your energy at work

Start your day with a workout

Getting the blood pumping from the off helps to keep you going for the whole day. Exercise is also proven to decrease stress levels and will leave you more focused.

Take a power nap

This one applies more to the home business hero's that are lucky enough to work within a short walk to their bed.  A 20-min power nap can help revitalise energy levels. It's a theory that Google believe in and encourage workers to do. They've even installed sleep pods in their offices in San Francisco.

Have 15 minutes focused on laughing

Sniggers, chuckles and full-blown belly laughs are a natural energiser. The endorphins produced from a good ol' laugh helps lighten your mood and feel better about tackling a tricky or tough project. So find some funny videos on YouTube or share a joke with colleagues and watch your productivity levels shoot up.

Spend 20 minutes of your lunch reading

Reading a book is a great way to clear the mind and recharge your energy.  If you manage to finish a story during your lunch break it gives you a sense of completion which helps to boost confidence and means you enter your next task more focused. As it's the finishing part that's the confidence booster, we suggest reading short stories to get more boosts.

Make sure your working day is fulfilling

If you spend your day counting the time between each tik of the clock then no amount of caffeine will invigurate you enough to make the most of the working day. Maybe it's time to start a business doing what you love. This guide will help you conjure up a good business idea.


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