GUEST BLOG: six myths about social media

1. Blogging or Article writing is a waste of time

Actually blogging or article writing gives you great control over your brand, reputation, your voice and message especially when used to amplify your message. Writing positions you as the expert in what you know and do.  Always make it useful to the reader and remember givers get.

2. You need a company to do your social stuff

No you do not.  There are plenty of good tools and learning resources to assist you to get your message out there and benefit, such at Hootsuite, Tweepie, Tweetadder and many more.  But if you are really stuck then yes, find a good consultant but there are plenty of rubbish ones out there too so do some research online first. Check how good they are at their own social presence!

3. Social replaces the need for networking offline

Absolutely not!  I cannot emphasis enough that meeting people has the best benefit.  So use 'social' to start relationships and get out there and have a coffee.  People do business with people.  It is true and still works really well.

4. Social takes too much time to participate

Again another myth probably drummed up by the social consultants.  I spend a couple of hours a day on social sites and that's my business too. So allocate some time to it as part of your overall business marketing mix.

5. You cannot measure a return from social

Yes you can so set out with what you want to achieve and why you are participating in social then put measurements around it such as "I want to meet 10 people and potential customers off social this month" or " I want to meet Lyndon who can give me some great business guidance".  You can measure hits to your site too as a consequence of social participation. Keep it simple easy and straight forward.

6. You must be on all the social sites

Umm no! Select the ones where you get most benefit. for example (launching end of January) will have great-people sharing knowledge.  You too can share yours so everyone can learn, with the aim of keeping the cash in the ecosystem so encouraging everyone to trade with each other as well as meet at gatherings offline.  Facebook maybe more for the consumer market rather than B2B.  They all have different positionings so use them appropriately and for what fits your business customer base and strategy.

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