Launching a business from a suticase. The real life journey of a first-time entrepreneur

Chris's adventure will uncover what it takes to get a business off the ground, from marketing on a tight budget to building a team, raising finance and launching. The whole experience will be filmed for a documentary series called Suitcase Startup. You can watch his mission over four months, through 8 episodes appearing on The Next Web, with each episode covering the blood sweat and tears involved as he attempts to take his startup to the top.

South African born Brit Chris came up with the idea for Publicate after not having enough time to create content online, but still wanting somewhere that really showcased his passions and interests. With Publicate everyone can be a publisher, but through the content they consume rather than just the content they create. As a platform it combines functionality from Pinterest, Tumblr and Evernote, to enable people to easily collect content in any format, from anywhere, and then organize it.

Smarta has decided to partner with Bradley on his journey and hopefully help him along the way. Starting up is becoming a full-blown movement these days, with 25,026 new businesses registered in the UK in the last month alone. The government are backing the trend too, through the start-up loans scheme and with tax relief schemes such as SEIS for investors.

Whether Bradley's start-up story becomes one of success is irrelevant. What this project is about is the lessons it can teach others. (Although, of course we're rooting for him massively.)

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