Small business staff work almost two hours overtime a day

These stats come with the news that Brits work more hours per week - at 42.2 on average - than any other European nation. Gemany's average is 40.7 and France a measly 39.5.

This may be positive reading for business owners and for the economy, but all this extra work could actually be costing your company more money.

"At an average of two hours a day, three days a week, it's clear Britain's workforce is going significantly beyond the call of duty, said Anthony Ainsworth from E.ON. "But working long hours can impact on employees' wellbeing and lifestyle and can also prove costly. Our results show many businesses remain fully lit, heated and air-conditioned after hours - sometimes for just one employee.

"With the extent of overtime being carried out across the UK on a daily basis, this has the potential to add significantly to energy bills."    

Introducing heating and light timers can help avert the costs. Ainsworth says "simply remembering to switch off lights in rooms and corridors at the end of the day can save businesses up to 15% on energy bills."

Image: dustin larimer

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