Great moments in business: moving into your first office

Eyeful Presentations creates engaging presentations for businesses that want to woo clients on cue. During the early years, the Eyeful Presentations team was virtually-based, with members contributing from various locations. Founder Simon Morton saw a need to build offline relationships and moved the team to “Eyeful Towers.” Now, with the advanced tech team brought together, things have never been better.

What position was Eyeful Presentations in before?

We’d been trading for some time but were very much a ‘virtual team,’ embracing new technology.  We’d consistently grown and enjoyed an overly high level of repeat business, so there was a real sense we’d created something special. 

How did you know it was the right time to move?

The move into our first “grown up” office felt a little like when you rent your first place with your other half.  It felt right and it was about time we demonstrated it to the outside world by setting up a permanent base for the business.

Did it feel like a risk? What doubts did you have?

We’ve always watched every penny (because frankly, in the early days, there weren’t that many pennies!), so the biggest concern was the bottom line impact. We pondered and quickly understood that the lack of customer-facing space and quality time together as a team were ultimately limiting our growth. Once this was straight in our heads, the decision was easy.

Did having an office allow you to grow your business?

Absolutely!  It’s had a huge impact on the way we’ve built relationships with our customers. For example, an important client asked if they could come to our offices and work through a problem. Although it had nothing to do with our core product or a presentation, the ability to offer our space to assist the creative process with clients has helped strengthen our team.  

As a thriving creative business, the work environment we’ve created at ‘Eyeful Towers’ has allowed us to attract and retain the best professionals in the sector.  The fact we’re surrounded by amazing grounds also allows us to hold cool charity events like ‘Eyefulapalooza’-- all of which makes it a special place to work.

What tips would you give to businesses looking for their first office?

To sum it up in 3 steps:

  • Be choosy

You may spend more time in these four walls than in your own home, so the atmosphere needs to feel right for you.

  • Plan for growth

I suggest whilst making decisions about the size of your office, you need to visualize where your business is heading.

  • Build a strong relationship with your landlord

Flexibility, in terms of deposits and lower rents in the early years have helped us focus on business and worry less about financials. Keep an eye out for expansion opportunities and build your networks.

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