Start Up Loans infographic: Getting the economy back up and running

Start Up Loans infographic: Getting the economy back up and runningWednesday, October 16, 2013 by Jon

We've joined the government's Start Up Loans initiative to connect great small business ideas with the funding and mentoring they need to FLY.

Smarta's always speaking to entrepreneurs with cool ideas and now, we're thrilled to say, we have the option to give them up to £10,000 funding and their very own Smarta mentor. If you're looking for funding for your business, an experienced mentor to help you avoid mistakes or want to know more about Smarta Start Up Loans, contact loans(AT)

If you still need persuading of just how awesome this whole thing is, check out the success of the Start Up Loans project so far by clicking on our infographic below.

Click on the infographic for a closer look!

Funding infographic Smarta start-up loans

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For more information on how you can unlock the potential of Smarta Start-Up Loans, click here.