11 reasons to run your own small business

1. Flexibility

We’re not talking about your joints, but adapting your brand to the changes that may arise as a small business. If you see a gap in the market, or feel you need to tweak your offering to get better results, you’re in the best position to do so.


2. Personal touch

We all like to feel loved, right? As a small business, you’re in a position to sweep customers off their feet when meeting them. Putting your charm to good use, you’ll be able make their experience personal, and if they don’t like it, you’re able to act on their feedback.

Personal Touch

3. Work when you want

Being your own boss is an ultimate dream. You’ll have to be strict, but you’re in a position to choose your own working hours and where you want to work. This will help you get away from the business routine, and you can even top up your tan at the same time.


4. You’re the boss

You make the decisions because you’re in charge. There will be no more answering to annoying bosses or having to drag yourself to work on a daily basis. Running your own business means you’re the decision maker- the brains of the business.


5. Put your passion to test

Whether it’s the weird or wonderful, as a business owner you’ll finally have a platform to put your whacky idea to the test. Passion is the main drive for success and it makes the whole experience enjoyable too. 


6. Ability to be niche

At Smarta HQ, we’ve come across some amazing ideas that get our creative juices flowing. From start-ups like Plan Bread, who sell the healthiest bread in the UK made almost entirely from broccoli, to Blaze, the bicycle light reimagined, small businesses are disrupting established markets with their witty inventions. You can be as quirky as you like. 


7. Work from the comfort of your home

A recent study found that Britons travel an average 40 minutes a day to get to work. Scrap the lengthy commute and work from the comfort of your own home. Doing work in your living room dressed in your PJ’s or a tieless shirt, you can wear what you want.


8. Cutting the fat

If a certain supplier isn’t doing your business justice, drop em like it’s hot and replace them with a better alternative. You can get the nitty gritty things done without having to explain to your boss. Unnecessary hassle taken away.


9. Independence

You can finally achieve the dizzy heights of success without being yelled at, unless you yell at yourself, that is. In all seriousness, there’s nothing better than seeing your business do great and enjoying it every step of the way.


10. Brand the way you want

If it’s your own face that you want as your branding or an alter ego that is certain to create a buzz, you’re in a position to market the brand with your unique twist. It’s your product at the end of the day.


11. Low cost

It’s as cheap as chips to start up a small business. Within a day, you could have a website up-and-running and customers will be able to buy your products. It has never been cheaper for entrepreneurs start a business.



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