Coolest crowdfunded business of the week: BankToTheFuture

A record bid always creates a buzz. That’s exactly what BankToTheFuture is doing, with its pitch looking to raise £2m and create the world’s first transparent crowdinvestment bank. The platform, which was founded by Simon Dixon, has a mission to make banking easier for businesses across the country. 

It doesn't matter if you're an early stage start-up, or a developed brand with plans to expand, Dixon wants to make the financial market accessible to everyone. BankToTheFuture's pitch has 66 backers and 23 investors, with nearly £350,000 raised. 

What made people invest?

“People are looking for something different in financial markets and I also think that’s it’s a massively lucrative business opportunity. We’re talking about the entire financial markets being reinvented and we’d like to be one of the players that are at the forefront of that,” Dixon told us. 

“We’re getting investors because people like our mission and they’re seeing the potential of the returns. If people want what we’re delivering, than they’ll vote with their wallet. People can pledge from our platform with as little as £10, or they can invest a larger sum.

“As long as we can let the UK know it exists, they can decide whether they want it or not by funding us. We think the UK wants some change in the world of business finance investing, but ultimately, the people will have the final say.”

So far, have had eight successful pitches invested, with £750,000 pledged. This comes from over 4,500 registered investors on the website and they also incubate small business that pitch, ensuring they are investment ready.

“Our website is the only platform where you can tell why people are doing it. People can back pitches, which is essentially liking what we’re doing so they give us money in return for the rewards. You can also invest, which means they’ll receive some of the financial reserve because it’s a great opportunity," Dixon added.

"You can see from our page that there’s a split between the investors and the backers. We’d like to think backers are more interested in the mission and investors are interested in the returns. Our platform, not an exact science, gives an interesting insight into the physiology of why people get behind stuff."

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