#O2SmartaBiz winner: Thrashion

Thrashion Bangle

Proposition: One sentence explanation of what your business is

Thrashion Recycled Skateboard Jewellery ® are beautiful handcrafted accessories, jewellery and homewares made from broken and recycled skateboards.

Why are you a smart business?

I think its definitely an asset to have a unique concept or unique selling point with your business. I have a firm understanding of my demographic but it would be nice to find different audiences and perhaps step out of my comfort zone a little bit.

What’s the smartest thing you’ve done to help your business grow?

We've recently been doing alot of partnership projects to do just that. We've teamed up with other artists and companies to create something a little different to keep ahead and to constantly keep evolving. I think this is another reason why my company is so unique in that its not scared to try something different. I'm always creating.

We are just releasing an original product which is a skateboard 'SNAP' game which is a unique take on the classic and traditional card game. The game features 52 illustrated cards designed by graphic genius Jon Horner and packaged in beautiful hand crafted recycled wood and skateboard boxes by Driftwood Surfboards and Thrashion Ltd. All profits are being donated to the charity Skateistan.

What smart things do you do for your customers?

I always call my business a DIY business as I started off with nothing and have built the business from the roots up. I think this is a common ethos in the skateboarding industry and I've met some really amazing and supportive people in the industry. We have a great rapport with our customers and supporters and not only believe in awesome customer service but we like to give back to supporters as our company relies on its donations.

We offer a unique service where a skater can donate their broken board to us via a freepost address and recieve a custom piece handmade from their donated board. We feel this is one of the most important services that we offer because its supporting the industry that has helped our business to grow.

What smart technologies do you use to run your business?

I cannot live without my iphone! I do all my business on it and rarely use a computer, there are some great apps out there that are essential and so easy to use. I also make sure I keep on top of social media and have a large presence online, I particularly love instagram as we have such a visual business its great to use such a visual social app.

What’s your smartest tip for other entrepreneurs?

Be true to who you are! I think if you’re honest and direct then you will command more respect. My business is a rootsy business with a lot of goodwill towards other businesses within the skateboarding industry but I would prefer to work with others who are about supporting the scene not just making money from it. Most of us are in it for the love of skateboarding not what we can make from it and I think that comes across quite strongly in our ethos.


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