Our .co.uk domain is like a seal of approval


“At Trakke, all of our products are produced in our small workshop in Glasgow. They are made by hand, using some of the finest materials available from British manufacturers. Our ‘handmade in the UK’ element is very much at the core of our ethos. When we chose our domain name we saw the .co.uk address as a way of letting potential customers know, immediately, where we are based and what we are all about.

Our .co.uk name certainly makes us more appealing to British customers. Speaking to a few people from our audience, they feel that .com addresses can be a bit ambiguous. They don’t really tell you anything about a company.

A .co.uk domain implies a smaller, more local company, and that is something that our British customers really value. They know they are investing their money in a company that values its heritage. For us, that is crucial. We want our customers to feel a connection with what we’re doing. British manufacturing may not have the high profile that it once did, but we want to show that the skills we developed haven't been lost and that British manufacturing is still eminently capable of creating great products.

While our British customers love the fact that they can support their home economy and buy beautiful, high-quality bags from us right here in the UK, we also sell nearly 50% of our bags overseas. British manufacturing is held in high regard across the globe and for our overseas customers our .co.uk domain is like a seal of approval.

Today, there are so many options for domain names. You can register anything from .net to .name - the trouble is some of these top-level domains are pretty obscure. They might look great next to your brand name, but will your customers ever think to search for that domain? The great thing about .co.uk is that it is widely known, ranks highly on search engines and, crucially, says something about you as a brand. In a global economy it gives you a trusted, local feel that can really win people over. 

On a basic level, our tagline is ‘Adventure Carry. Handmade in Glasgow’ – this gives new customers a good overview, but of course we try and make our ethos more pervasive than that. We use our journal and social media as a platform to educate our customers about the materials we use, and the processes involved in producing our bags.

We visit the factories that produce our fabrics and hardware, and use photography to show how they are made. Some of the factories we use have been around for hundreds of years, and have a fascinating history. We also share a lot of photos and updates about our own workshop. We have a small team, so it’s nice to show the personalities involved and give a bit of behind-the-scenes information, which our customers love.

Our British customers love the idea that they can buy beautifully handcrafted bags for cycling and adventure that are built to last on home soil, while our overseas customers know that British manufacturing has a reputation for being luxurious, high-quality and steadfast. It’s a simple thing, a domain name, but used well, it can say a lot about a brand!”

To learn more about the benefits of .uk domains please visit: www.agreatplacetobe.co.uk or get in touch on Twitter: @dotuk


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