Bah humbug! Christmas is cancelled for one in five entrepreneurs

Passion and determination may drive entrepreneurs to give more time and effort to their businesses than anyone else, but, if you can’t even take Christmas day off, something has to change! Here are the top tips from Smarta and Dr. Alexandra Beauregard for the work life balance you need to enjoy a good old fashioned holiday when it comes knocking.

Identify your top priorities

Make a note of the birthdays, family events and social activities that matter most to you. Schedule them the same way you would a crucial business meeting: i.e. don’t let anything else interfere with that appointment.

Be disciplined

With laptops, tablets and smartphones, it’s all too easy to keep working, taking calls or checking emails in your downtime. This ’work creep’ gradually takes over and before you know it, you don’t really have any personal time left.

As hard as it is to ’switch off’, it’s essential for giving the brain a rest and for keeping your relationships healthy. Decide on a time to switch off and, barring emergencies, stick to it. Enlist the help of your loved ones – they’ll make sure you stick to it!

Call in some back up

If your business is taking all your passion, energy and time, maybe it’s time to ask for a helping hand. Can you afford a new employee? It’s scary to think about giving up responsibility to someone new, but, if you have the money, hiring someone awesome can be the best choice you ever make for your business.

If you’re one of the 20% of entrepreneurs that XLN Business Services found are giving up on Christmas, make sure you decide if that’s a worthy sacrifice. Does your business need you, or is it time to enjoy your turkey in peace?


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