Get free beer for life by investing in Beer52

As well as every beer you’ll ever drink already paid for, you’ll get a brand new beer named after you. It may take £100,000 to unlock these perks, but, for as little as £10, you can be a part of a great small business and grab some excellent rewards. Check out the Beer52 crowdfunding campaign here.

Beer52’s founder, James Brown, has set a target of £100,000 from the campaign. It’ll take just one person being swayed by the promise of free beer to reach that, but Beer52’s fans are already sending the business well on its way by taking up smaller incentives.

Fraser Doherty, founder of Smarta 100 winning SuperJam and investor in Beer52 said, “Craft beer is a huge trend. We’re building a community around craft beer and people are inviting their friends to join. The £100,000 will build a new website, help us acquire new customers and launch an ad next year.”

In the three months since Fraser invested in Beer52, he‘s passed on the lessons from his fantastic start-up and taken the beer subscription service to new heights. "James is a passionate guy with a great idea. I’m sharing what I’ve learned from SuperJam. We’ve used our production to help reduce costs and take Beer52 from an idea to 10,000 customers."

Crowdfunding for small business

Crowdfunding is changing the face of investment for small businesses. Platforms like Crowdcube, Angels Den and CrowdMission are giving entrepreneurs the chance to raise huge amounts of funding from people who are passionate about their businesses. And that’s exactly what Beer52 is doing, inviting people that love its brand to be a part of its future.

Beer52 sources the best independent craft beers and creates a handpicked monthly case of eight beers, which are delivered straight to your door. The concept offers an innovative way for people to discover craft beers from the best independent microbreweries, in the comfort of their own home for only £3 a beer.

To find out more about Beer52 and why James loves craft beer, check out its fantastic pitch video, featuring a cameo from Fraser Doherty.

And to invest from £10 for a free crate of beer, to £100,000 for unlimited free crates of beer forever, click here.


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