Ransomware Threat Scams and Disaster Recovery

There are all sorts of Malware out there and we have come across many instances of infected systems and generally nasty programs disguised as benign entities.

Cyber criminals target everything from Facebook to master boot records in order to bag a victim. With this in mind, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) poses certain risks to a business network and this means that PCs, mobiles and tablets are all equally at risk.

Notably, there has been an increase in malware over the years but particularly in the realm of ‘ransomware’.

Ransomware is the latest malware craze that in some form restricts access to your PC. It encrypts your data and demands a ransom paid to the creator of the malware in order to release the decryption codes. Some forms of malware involve the encryption of files on the system’s hard drive, while others may simply lock you out of the system and display messages intended to secure payment. In most cases, the malware will accept the money and won’t give you the codes.

Since we’re now in the festive season, we expect to see a host of Christmas themed malware. We’ve seen malware on websites disguised as Christmas greetings that encourage the user to send festive messages to friends and colleagues. In most cases it ends in disaster.

Cyber criminals realise that organisational information is the currency of their economy. Around Christmas time someone in the workplace will manage to install malware onto his or her machine. They may be caught up in their work and may not be conscious of the dangers of opening that email or exploring that advert, but still it happens. Employers must be prepared for this. It’s important to remind employees of the risks of malware and to develop a security policy that lays out best practices for operating a PC or personal device in the workplace. That way, employees are less likely to relax their current scepticism of “Click Here” advertisements, even if it’s Santa Claus himself asking them to do so.

The best way to avoid catastrophe, apart from not clicking a link or opening a file, is to make a thorough backup of your system. At help4it we offer businesses solutions to cover all eventualities, including malware and other virus protection. System downtime is a real disaster for businesses, so in order to keep you up and running and malware free we can help implement a backup and disaster recovery plan.


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