Sir Richard Needham becomes the new Patron of the Smarta Mentoring Network

Sir Richard Needham adds a wealth of experience to the Smarta Mentor Network, having an great history in both business and politics. For the better part of two decades, he has been integral to the success of Dyson. As Director, Deputy Chairman, and Senior Independent Director, Sir Richard Needham has been responsible for the brand’s success in Europe, the US and Japan.

During his days as an MP under the Thatcher and Major governments, Sir Richard Needham was promoted to Minister of Trade. However, his key political success came before that in the period of 1985-1992, where he was widely regarded as the Minister responsible for redesigning and rebuilding Belfast, through regenerating infrastructure and economics base.

Sir Richard Needham now gives lectures on a variety of topics including innovation in public and private sectors in the UK and abroad. With his experience in multiple industries and his roles as an innovative and disruptive figure, who better to have as your mentor as you grow your business with a Smarta Start Up Loan?

He's also written two books, 'Honourable Member' and 'Battling for Peace', and in a nod to his dedication to business around the world, was appointed the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star by the Emperor of Japan!

Sir Richard Needham said, "All my past successes are due to those I learnt from & relied on. So now I would like do for others what others have done for me."

With his diverse experience, we know he'll be a fantastic leader for the Smarta Mentor Network, with risk taking and innovation being just two of his specialities. 

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