Small businesses fighting over-spending, confusion and disappointment on ERP projects

K3 FDS research has brought up some alarming statistics and proven that there is 'continuing disappointment' among businesses across the country. Small businesses expect and need more from their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations.

The problems are clear in IT and finance directors as four out of five reported they are not totally satisfied with the roll-out of their ERP project. Just 8% were willing to say their new system is easy to use, but 93% admitted it was critical to their business. This huge gap between need and delivery shows how much room for improvement there is.

K3 FDS’ research found almost three quarters of those surveyed believe technology partners could be more transparent about the true cost of the project. Organisations continue to move applications and infrastructure into the cloud, but are failing to keep businesses informed of how it is happening.

Andrew Fox, Managing Director K3 FDS, said: "A company's ability to see a return on an ERP project often depends on how quickly it can deploy the new system, and whether it's in line with what was promised at the outset.

Given ERP is one of the biggest IT investments businesses make, particularly for mid-size organisations, any delay or overspends can have a massive impact. It seems the industry still has a long, long way to go in delivering the transparency customers are demanding."

Unnecessary complexity continues to hinder successful roll-outs of ERP projects. Half of respondents find the range of ERP solutions on offer confusing and significantly more than that would want a more standardised solution if it came with significant savings in time and money.

Is your business struggling with ERP projects? Do you feel like you’ve wasted time and money? Let us know your story.


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