What are the essentials in your new office?

Do need:

  • Lots of sunlight and plenty of plant life
  • A good quality coffee machine
  • Mobile broadband
  • Extra monitors

Don’t need:

  • Fancy office chairs
  • Expensive art
  • An office dress code
  • A long lease

But, we’d like to add a couple of IT things to the first list that would really benefit small businesses – software. As a small business, you may not want to pay for every device to have access rights to a particular software solution, so, where do you go from there? Open source? Virtualisation? Renting?

Whatever solution you choose it’s important to remember that someone will have to manage and monitor it. Why not approach an IT support provider? They’ll be able to make an informed decision based on what is best for your business and they’ll deliver the solution often with no upfront costs for infrastructure.

Small businesses want to concentrate on creating great products and services for their customers. When it comes to IT it’s often a case of balancing time against cost – if you don’t have the time to manage your IT in-house but you do have the budget to outsource this service, then it is worth doing. You shouldn’t have to worry about compromising on the necessities.

At help4IT we make this decision easier than most. Along with our dedicated IT services we also give small businesses the opportunity to choose from a range of IT ‘modules’. It means they can choose the services they need – email, file storage, web management, telephones, virtual desktop – and we take care of the rest. One support team, one bill and no headaches. This is how we work and we find it delivers much more control to a business while reducing costs.

Ultimately it depends on what your business is, who your users are, and the value of your time in opportunity costs.

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