Five top entrepreneurs from Hollywood

Justin Timberlake

He famously starred in start-up favourite the Social Network and no doubt Justin Timberlake drew upon his real-life experiences of running businesses including music education service Miso Media. Timberlake was also influential in the re-launch of one of the first successful social networks,

Jesicca Alba

She may have looked at home smiling for the paparazzi on the red carpet last night, but Jessica Alba is just as graceful when delivering a business pitch for her eco-friendly start-up, The Honest Co. She launched the baby product company in 2012.

Elizabeth Hurley

Aside form starring in Austin Powers and a number of other high profile Hollywood films, Hurley's run a few businesses as a side project.  After founding fame Hurley bought herself a farm in Gloucester and launched a  line of snacks called,  'Elizabeth Hurley Organic Fruit Bars' that were stocked in Harrods and Holland and Barrat until last month.

Will Ferrell

Anchorman and Step Brothers star, Will Ferrell expanded his love of comedy online in 2006 when he launched The first post on the website has been viewed 8.9m times.  Since launch has managed to raise $18m in funding.

Clint Eastwood

We imagine Clint Eastwood would be pretty good in a business negotiation scenario and the success of the Mission Ranch Resort in California proves this right. Eastwood bought the resort complete with hotel and 22 acres in 1986 and has grown it into a huge success.

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