Focus on India – how to make sure your pitch is perfect

This skill of presurised pitching was tested to the max throughout our trip to India last week as part of Web Mission and no doubt is being used by all of the compnaies that have travelled to India with David Cameron. It's even harder to do when you're pitching to people from another culture who use a different language. We asked eight of the companies who travelled to India last week to give us their number one tip for delivering a knockout four-minute pitch.

"Always pitch to your audience - change your pitch depending on who you are pitching too. Find one or two people at the front and back of the audience and pitch to them. Practice so you know it better than the back of your hand - then you will be able to busk if it goes wrong. Also, passion, passion, passion - it's what people really back.

Ben Barton, Zondle- A games based learning web and mobile platform that enables teachers, parents and students to create, play and share games to support teaching and learning.

"I think the answer is loads of practice - to get the right content into the time and to not go over.  There's probably no shortcut and it's necessary to try different versions with different groups and seeing how people react.

Bruce Hellman, uMOTIF - A digital health company with a b2b2c software platform to improve patient adherence to medication regimes and health programmes.

"Listen to as many sources, especially those familiar with your product/market, as you can."

Grant Grafton, Sub 10 Systems - Sub10 Systems is a wireless telecommunications company developing Liberator wireless Ethernet bridges, operating at mmW in the 60GHz, 70GHz and 80GHz areas of spectrum.

"My contribution, for what it's worth is, if you have got just four minutes, you need your audience to listen to what you are saying rather than be too distracted by words on screen. I find it helpful to use pictures or stock images that reinforce the underlying message you want to get across. If you can reduce your presentation to six content slides, as I have... It's still two too many!"

Martin Brassell, Inngot . Inngot provides online tools that enable organisations to identify, value and market their intellectual property (IP) - both registered rights and all the other 'intangible assets' they own.

"Stand still and move your hands instead of your legs. Focus on 4 people your are talking to across the audience and constantly address each one - makes the whole audience feel you are reaching out to them all."

Mark Rock, Audioboo. "Audioboo enables anyone with an internet connection or smartphone to capture high quality audio, add a photo, title and location, and share it with family, friends or the rest of the world."

"No stock images, use only a few slides and a small amount of text."

Aromal Jayarai Shikky,KLOUDPad - a rapidly deployable and sustainable 'low cost wireless telecom network' for mobile carriers.

"Start well with a good opening and make sure you establish your own aswell as your company's credibility. You should hit the essence of the proposition early on and finish specifically with what you're after from the visit."

John Wakeman, OmPrompt. OmPrompt is an outsourced service (SaaS) providing customer automation across the order-to-cash process.

"I am a great believer in business by story telling, so with as few slides as possible you have to project your journey as a story. Where have you come from? Where are you going? And what are you doing to make sure you get there."

Sean Redman, Coveritas. Coveritas' software tool suite helps developers find difficult to detect bugs and reduces the risk, time and cost of designing electronic system products.


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