Web Mission 2013: looking to grow your business? A kitchen in India can show you how

Akshaya Patra is a foundation that's become a case study for those studying business at Harvard University. The idea is that if schools provide children with meals, then parents will send their children to school, instead of making them work in the fields, streets or family businesses to earn enough money to pay for their own dinner.  Since launching in 2000, Akshaya Patra has helped to increase student enrolment by 28% and give more people the chance to take a whole family out of poverty by using the education to get a job, or even start one for their own business.

Watch the video below for an insight in how these kitchens are run and what's allowed them to grow at a super-fast rate.

After spending the morning in one of Akshaya's Bangalore kitchens, we visited a TechCrunch, India event and met tons of infectiously enthusiastic entrepreneurs bursting with new business ideas.  A pick of the best feature in the video above.

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