Budget 2013 - Reaction from entrepreneurs

Andrew Ibbotson, founder trueview.me

"Small businesses and entrepreneurs will play a key role in the economic recovery so the National Insurance allowance of £2,000 is welcomed. National Insurance is a tax on employment and this move will lower our costs, helping us create new jobs, something that can only be good for the economy."

Doug Richard, founder, School for Startups

"It's great news that the government has elected to extend the capital gains tax relief for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) for another year. I echo George Osborne in commending Lord Young for his involvement in drumming up public awareness in SEIS, which will continue to make the UK the country of innovation."

"By pledging its support for The Richard Review, the government has given its full backing to the changes that I recommended, namely ensuring that British employers are at the heart of shaping apprenticeship schemes. This commitment to address the state of apprenticeships represents a significant step towards making British apprentices the envy of the world."

Tom Mursell, Tendersave (including amioverpaying.co.uk)

"Aspiration Nation may be one adjective too far, but an extension of SEIS and NI allowance make things easier for start-ups. It's up to us to make the best of what we've got and every little helps."

Brian Taylor, founder PixelPin

"If PixelPin is one of the 450,000 small firms who will pay no employer National Insurance and we are truly able to get Government contracts that would be a real boon, but waiting to find out will be painful."

Saurav Chopra, CEO of Huddlebuy.co.uk,

"Lending to businesses remains woefully inadequate - an aspiration nation needs urgent support and real action now - not just words."

"UK economic growth forecasts remain pretty dire - businesses need all the help they can get from this Budget."

"Some small gains for small businesses - but in reality many entrepreneurs who want to get on will have to get on with it themselves."

"A National Insurance cut to help small business hiring is very welcome but much more is needed to cut rising unemployment."

"Where is the help for Britain's beleaguered high streets? Business rates continue to rise and shops and jobs continue to be lost."

Mark Rock founder, AudioBoo

National insurance reduction for businesses by up to £2,000 is good and a stimulus. No income tax at all on 1st £10,000" of earnings is good - but there will be National Insurance of 12%.

George, or Gideon Oliver as he was originally named, is just a tad unfortunate in his delivery technique. For some reason I kept mishearing the buzzword of the speech - "Aspiration Nation" - as Aspirin Nation. Which would probably be closer to the truth for most households after today.

Paul Aitken, CEO and founder of borro,

"The Chancellor's promise today to look at whether the Funding for Lending scheme can be extended is just not enough.  Businesses have waited and waited for more decisive action and it looks like they'll be waiting even longer.  Hot air from the Chancellor does not put pounds into the bank accounts of the nation's small businesses.

Damian Routley, CEO Glow

"A National Insurance cut for small businesses is a welcome move as we won't face a tax on creating jobs, which in turn will help boost the economy.

"Small businesses represent the UK's biggest hope of a quick recovery after a recession, but more importantly, 8.3% of UK's GDP is made up by the internet economy. It is only right that start-ups within the tech sector should be given a greater opportunity to grow. Whilst corporation tax cuts are welcome, they are not going to incentivise growth at the top of the funnel where it is most needed.

James Layfield, Founder & CEO Central Working

"I don't think it goes far enough to really deliver against the Chancellor's Aspiration Nation idea. The Loan Guarantee Scheme did not get revised. It has to cater for start ups. Whilst the Employment Allowance scheme is welcomed an exemption on national insurance for new employees for small businesses would have provided much more of an incentive."

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