Reaction to George Osborne joining Twitter

So far he has tweeted just once saying, "Today I'll present a Budget that tackles the economy's problems head on helping those who want to work hard & get on."

The account was confirmed by Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps who tweeted, "Welcome to Chancellor George Osborne now on twitter at @george_osborne"

So far there has been mixed reaction to The Chancellor joining Twitter. Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, @JohnPrescott welcomed Osborne with,

"So @George_Osborne gets 3,745 followers in just 18 minutes. If only he could get that kind of growth in the economy. Or indeed ANY growth."

Political blogger @GuidoFawkes tweeted,

"Quite a day for Osborne to join Digital Dave"

While political tweeter @beaubodor said,

"There won't be a second tweet from @George_Osborne until he's submitted his expenses for his first tweet."

Footballer @Joey7Barton chipped in with,

"Gonna follow @george_osborne to see if he actually tweets. If it turns out to be one of his servants, he'll be getting unfollowed sharpish!"

While comedian @davidschneider joked

"It's good you've joined Twitter, @George_Osborne, because if you're doing rubbish at your job, Twitter can really help you focus."

Let us know what your thoughts are on Osborne joining twitter and join in the conversation about the Budget by tweeting @SmartaHQ.

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