Shaa's Weekly Book Review - 'Entrepreneur Revolution'

So, my book of the week this week is by Daniel Priestley and called 'Entrepreneur Revolution'. Daniel is a fantastic speaker so it is great to see him translate that energy, enthusiasm and knowledge into a book.

His book contains some simple ideas like "10 challenges to wake up your entrepreneur brain"; they're fun, engaging and give you a chance to think a bit differently. It also has a clear cut strategy for turning a service business into a product business; so anyone who's trading time for money will like the part about "product ecosystems".

The thing about books is to get any benefit, you have to actually read them! For me, a book has to gain my interest pretty quickly to do that. Like you, I have a lot of books sitting pretty on my shelf, having never made it past the first chapter. This one got read. Give it a shot.

Smarta Offer:

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