Blur Group, the Amazon of business services, ready to change the small business market forever

"Through Blur Group, small businesses can buy a core service cost effectively and quickly, with a greater choice," he said. "On the sell side, it helps them find global business online, and manage that business all online, greatly lowering the costs of delivery."

Blur Group started as a small business, aimed at small businesses but has grown to encompass more than 25,000 companies from 141 countries, offering anyone the opportunity to sell their services on a global platform. However, the small business focus on customer service hasn't been lost.

"We've always wanted to build an exchange with customers at its heart," Lett's commented. "Blur Group has two customers in every deal, so if we do it badly, we do it twice as badly. Our call centres are at the front of our goals and I spend a lot of time there myself."

Blur Group has been described as disruptive, growing and respected. Founded in 2006, it has posted four consecutive years of revenue growth above 200%, including a 216% rise in 2012 and Blur Group enjoys a strong reputation amongst its clients too.

"It's a valuable site," Anthony Sharot, entrepreneur behind Market Appeal said, "it's not the first that's matched people up from both sides, but Blur Group seems to have an increasing number of high quality projects coming through. It's the place for new businesses to put in a pitch and compete with others for contracts they wouldn't have otherwise heard about."

Smarta loves Blur Group's business model, growth, customer focus and opportunity for small businesses, but we're also a big fan of the answers Philip Letts gave to our final question.

Which entrepreneurs would you like to see use Blur Group?

"Well, this first one isn't possible," he started, "but I would love Steve Jobs to have used Blur Group as he was so brilliant at the user experience, it would be great to get his views as a buyer. The other one would be Branson, as he would give us the input of an impatient entrepreneur."

"For the business, it would have to be Martin Sorrell over at WPP, so that he can flag it and put it in his diary so that, in five years time, when we're bigger than them, he'll remember that was the day he used it first."

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